Ray’s Cafe

6049 Seaview Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107-2690
Cafe reservations: 206.782.0094

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Ray’s Café is the restaurant that we Seattleites show off to aunts, uncles, sisters, parents, cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends who are visiting from the Midwest, the Southwest, or any other place that is inland or dry.  At Ray’s Cafe we can give our visitors a water view so beautiful it will make them weep and a delicious taste of Pacific NW seafood without breaking the bank.   When my family comes to visit in the summer,  I’ll take them out for a meal on the Cafe’s famous deck and buy them a hat so they can sit there as long as they want staring at the play of light on water.  On a good day,  they’ll be this close to seals, ships heading out to sea from the Ballard Locks, and the majestic Olympics.


If you are an old Seattle friend, I’ll ask you to meet me inside on a late Friday afternoon, so we can celebrate a long week at work with an exquisite drink from the Café’s bar and a smoked salmon skewer or bowl of corn and clam chowder.


If it’s cold and gray out there, if the line between sky and water are blurred, if the mountains are tucked behind charcoal quilts, that’s fine, too.  Inside, the Café is warm, cozy, delicious.  Ray’s Café is a great spot, night or day, January or July, inside or outside, and it is easily accessible to people in wheelchairs.

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Saffron Grill

2132 N. Northgate Way
Seattle, WA 98133

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My nephew, Tristan, was eight years old and visiting from Oregon when he tasted his first mango lassi at Muhammed Bhatti’s first Indian-Middle Eastern fusion restaurant in the University district.  Tristan’s response was to order a second.   Now grown up, well-travelled, and living in Seattle, he still declares that Bhatti’s lassis are the best there are.  And who wouldn’t agree with that?  Usually when the waiter comes over to take our drink orders, everyone at the table foregoes the bourbon to have the lassi.  Sometimes you just have to prioritize.  Other people will say that, yes, the lassis are good, but—really—you need to check out the garlic naan, the butter chicken, the palak massala, the pakoras…the list goes on but always, always the gulab jamun, those heavenly little spheres in that sweetly scented syrup!


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