University Book Store

4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

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I have deep affection for many material things in the world, and two categories of things that I love the most are books and office supplies. Therefore, it is not surprising that I have spent many hours of my life at the University Book Store.  I can’t pay a better tribute to the worlds, characters, experiences, and truths that books open up to us than those already paid by writers far more eloquent than I am.


Therefore, let me move to a tribute to office supplies:  those lovely gel, rolling ball, and ballpoint pens—how beautifully they slip along the sweet slightly absorbent pages of those many-colored, lined and unlined pads and notebooks; those hundreds of calendar choices—large or small, weekly or daily, leather or paper covered; the riotous bouquets of markers and pencils; the richly patterned or deeply-hued papers; the glorious tapestry of paper clips and post-it notes—oh, be still my heart!! The University Book Store’s office supplies (which flow almost organically into the art supplies) are a caravan of exotics plonked in the desert of the smartphones, keyboards, and online scheduling that often dominates our days.  Sometimes you just need to get away from that, to step into a bright bazaar, a place where you can see the jewel-colored silks shimmering in the sunlight, run your hand over the thick pile of the muted carpets, and hear the murmuring of camels, riders, and spice-seekers talking among themselves.  That’s what the University Book Store’s office supply area offers.


Lucky for those of us in wheelchairs who love books,  need textbooks, and crave office and art supplies, once you get inside it, the University Book Store is quite accessible.  However, getting inside can be a bit of a problem—but, to be sure, not a big enough problem to keep you out.

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Stanford’s Restaurant

Northgate Mall
401 NE Northgate Way Ste. 1106
Seattle, WA 98125

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After risking our lives with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in the interstellar search for a planet that could support human life, we and our fellow travelers—dear friends of 30 years—needed a good meal.  So we shuttled on over to Stanford’s from the movie theater, a trip demanding no suiting up or oxygen tanks.

Stanford’s, a free-standing restaurant at the northwest tip of Northgate mall, is one of a chain of nine restaurants located primarily in the Portland area.   Stanford’s has an older feel to it than some Seattle restaurants, and, indeed, we weren’t the only gray-beards in the place as we sometimes are.  The menu is wide-ranging, offering just about everything from pizza to prime rib to delectable desserts, including a warm apple crisp with cinnamon ice cream and bourbon caramel sauce.


We had a wonderful meal there, a conversation that we could all hear, and an easy time getting in and out.  Stanford’s is a good dining choice for those searching for a restaurant in our galaxy that can support wheelchair diners.

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University Village
2630 NE University Village St,
Seattle, WA 98105

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On a cold, rainy day of shopping at the University Village, my beloved pusher and I decided that Elemental might be a cozy place for a late lunch.  Located in the north end of the ever-expanding shopping center, Elemental specializes in a big selection of wood-fired pizzas that can accommodate gluten-free diets, vegan cheese needs,  meat-worshippers’ desires, and the obsessions of potato lovers alike.  Many of the toppings, along with the flour used in the pizza dough, are locally sourced.  In addition, Elemental serves delicious appetizers, such as the wood-fired cauliflower shown in the picture above, and hearty sandwiches, including the grilled veggie shown in the photo below.


The food at Elemental is tasty, and the servers are sweet and generous.  However, the path in and out is tight and bathroom access is extremely challenging, making Elemental a less than optimal choice for wheelchair diners.

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