Stanford’s Restaurant

Northgate Mall
401 NE Northgate Way Ste. 1106
Seattle, WA 98125

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After risking our lives with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in the interstellar search for a planet that could support human life, we and our fellow travelers—dear friends of 30 years—needed a good meal.  So we shuttled on over to Stanford’s from the movie theater, a trip demanding no suiting up or oxygen tanks.

Stanford’s, a free-standing restaurant at the northwest tip of Northgate mall, is one of a chain of nine restaurants located primarily in the Portland area.   Stanford’s has an older feel to it than some Seattle restaurants, and, indeed, we weren’t the only gray-beards in the place as we sometimes are.  The menu is wide-ranging, offering just about everything from pizza to prime rib to delectable desserts, including a warm apple crisp with cinnamon ice cream and bourbon caramel sauce.


We had a wonderful meal there, a conversation that we could all hear, and an easy time getting in and out.  Stanford’s is a good dining choice for those searching for a restaurant in our galaxy that can support wheelchair diners.

Parking:   Wheelchair parking is ample and right in front of the restaurant.  There are no curbs or ramps to the front entry.


Entrances:  The entrance is completely flat with a big door that is easy to open and  helping hands at the reception desk if needed.

Tables:   Seating includes booths and tables.  The passageway between tables is carpeted but spacious, so you won’t need to move diners or roll over their coats on the way to your table.  Although there is ample table space for easy wheelchair access, you could also pull up to the end of one of the booths and others would still be able to move easily around you.  Seating feels private, too.

Restrooms:   The restrooms are located down a corridor at the left of the dining area as you enter the restaurant.  The women’s room had a nice wide entry to the handicapped stall and bars around it.  In addition, Stanford’s has a family restroom, but, mysteriously, it is kept locked. We would have needed to go back to the reception area to get a key, so we didn’t check it out.


Photos of interior space online:  No.  Google images are mainly of food.

Photos of entrances online:  One—sort of.

Reservations taken:  Yes.  Make sure you tell them that Spoken Wheel recommended them when you call to reserve your spot!

What the wheelchair pusher has to say:   We pulled up in front of Stanford’s and I felt fortunate that one of the handicapped spots nearest the front door was open, and I could see it was a nice flat approach all the way to the door.  We didn’t get a chance to navigate through the doorway by ourselves, because everyone was so helpful.  Once inside, the hostess took us to a nearby table with lots of room and there was a lot of space between tables.  It was really wonderful.  Restrooms were easily accessed and there was lots of room to maneuver outside the restroom doors.  Overall,  you couldn’t ask for anything better.

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  1. Not in wheels buthave double hearing aids and being able to hear would get me there. The food sounds great. Like to try it next time we are in Seattle.

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