2000 4th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
206. 441.1430

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On our 42nd wedding anniversary, my beloved pusher and I decided to check out Lola for breakfast.  My older daughter and her miracle of a husband have breakfast or lunch at Lola when there’s even the slightest reason for a celebration, such as:  “It’s Saturday and we’re up before 10!!  LOLA!!”  or “It’s Saturday and we slept in past 10!!  LOLA!!” They are such fans that they lovingly checked out every wheelchair detail and urged us to try it out, telling us which table to request when we called to make a reservation and which door to enter.

How good was Lola?  The truth is that I could not get a photo of the full plate of warm, made-when-you-order-them doughnuts (accompanied by a sinful vanilla mascarpone spread and blackberry jam) because we had scarfed all but one of those doughnuts down before I could get my phone out of my pocket.  Our eggs benedict breakfasts were delicious—his with a steep pile of ham and mine with a bed of ripe cherry tomatoes and snappy arugula under the perfectly poached eggs and rich hollandaise sauce.  And those potatoes!  Little creamers boiled, smashed, and then fried—utterly amazing.  On top of that, our server was kind and attentive.  We were grateful to have this sweet celebration with only the tiniest of access issues.


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