CenturyLink Field

800 Occidental Ave S. Ste 100
Seattle, WA 98134

Spoken WheelSpoken WheelSpoken WheelSpoken WheelSpoken Wheel

How do you separate a field from its teams or its fans?  We went to CenturyLink Field to see Major League Soccer—the Seattle Sounders’ opening game.  We were quickly swept up by what seemed to be a magical combination of people and events–by the beautiful feet and minds of Dempsey and Martins;  by the fans’ surround-sound singing and ritualized scarf waving; and by strangers, standing for the whole of the game, high-fiving us when we scored.


People working at the field offered help, asked if we were having a good time, and told us to be sure to come back.  Even the traffic jam getting into the field was exciting because we were stopped right in front of the fans’ March to the Match and the Sound Wave’s boisterous marching band.

And we won the game!—3-zip, a win complete with a Martins’ flip and a set-up and pass so beautiful it made you cry.   This is not a game for the ironic; you have to be full-out in love.  You have to wear your heart loudly on your blue and green jacket.


In the face of all that joy and energy, paying attention to inclines and doorways can get a little lost, but there was really not much to notice.  CenturyLink Field is fully accessible for soccer fans in wheelchairs—and football fans, as well.  The field’s website provides information about services for disabled fans, so check the site out:  http://www.centurylinkfield.com/stadium-guide/#disabled.

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